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Michigan Opera Outreach

Michigan Opera Outreach is an arts education project that aims to bring music and literacy education to the greater Lansing area. MOO brings opera performances to 3rd and 4th grade classrooms, using fill-in-the-blank word games to help students rewrite opera librettos to well-known operatic arias, culminating in a public performance at the end of the residency.

About Us

Michigan Opera Outreach was founded in 2022 by soprano, producer and educator Jenny Ribeiro in cooperation with Lansing Matinee Musicale. Learning about the work that Lansing Matinee Musicale was doing within the music education of Lansing Public Schools inspired our director to look more into the needs of music education in mid-Michigan, specifically bringing quality opera education to the area. Opera Grand Rapids has an educational program on the West side of Michigan, while Detroit Opera has programs on the East, but mid-Michigan is missing the opportunities other communities have. Michigan Opera Outreach takes care of this gap in cultural opportunities as well as providing employment for local singers who normally have to travel outside of their communities for work.

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Contact us today to learn more about us and the programs we offer!

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